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Join us as we take a walk through the Book of Romans. Time: 10:30am

Special prayers for God's leading ladies on Aug. 13th, 2017. If you are a woman, please come!

What you allow to be planted in your heart will dominate your life so, plant only God's WORD!

Special Breakfast for the Ladies on Aug. 26th. Plan to be there.

    Every week, God continues to express His love to us through the different things He does among us, some of them includes:
    - Answers to all our prayers
    - Physical healing of our bodies.
    - Open Doors
    - Favour granted
    - Deliverance from demonic oppression and afflictions.

    “Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9: 23

    1). Hallelujah, Our God is a healing God! Last Sunday, the pastor spoke prophetically “…there is someone with rashes around the lower part of the waist and God is healing it right now. I laid my hand on my body as the pastor directed me to do and I said “Lord, by your stripes I am healed. Then the pastor rebuked the rashes in the name of Jesus and said, “…when you get home go and check and you will see that it is gone”

    When I got home I checked and I thank God that I am healed.

    -         - B.B


    2). Last Sunday, the Holy Spirit spoke to the pastor and he announced that someone in the congregation knows someone else who was sick and that the news of the illness was very crescent and, a brother and myself raised our hands indicating that we both had someone close to us who was sick and we got the news recently. 

    Well, two days prior, I heard that my grandmother back in Ecuador was sick and throwing up blood.

    Pastor told me and the other brother in the congregation who also had someone who was sick, to mention the names of the sick people we know to God and we did. The pastor led the prayer of agreement according to God’s Word, he rebuked the spirit of affliction and commanded healing to take effect right away.

    God answered that prayer and my grandma who was in the Hospital in Ecuador stopped bleeding and she is discharged and she at home now healed. I thank God!

    -         L.S

    Testimony video:

    Whatever problem you may have, God can handle it if you can only believe! Come over this weekend and receive your miracle.


    16478631000 Ext. 1

    500 Childs Dr. (Seniors Activity Centre Library)

     Milton ON. L9T 5G2

    Time: 10:30AM